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Engage. Educate. Empower.

The above 3 words are the epitome of building well rounded individuals. By encouraging others to better themselves can we truly make a difference in ones lives. Welcome to Empower Therapy Center.

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Certified Professionals

Who is Empower Therapy Center?

Empower Therapy Center is a well-rounded office with certified professionals who are here to treat ailments and injuries. Whether your child suffers from physical limitations, speech imperfections, or even correcting eating habits, we have the clinical expertise to resolve these issues.

No parent should ever feel that their child is not developmentally growing because this could be very emotionally taxing. We utilize individualized approaches for each child in order to accommodate their specific issues. We work alongside parents and children to create a therapeutic environment that is conducive to learning. We strive to engage, educate and empower to ensure that confidence is boosted!

Certified Professionals

top-of-the-line Specialists!

Empower Therapy Center hires only the best providers in order to provide clients with the very best outcomes. Our practice has been around for a number of years and through this experience has allowed us to bring rehabilitation to the next level. 

Our professionals have over 10+ years of experience which allowed them to gain a vast knowledge with which they use to treat injuries, ailments, speech imperfections and more. At our facility, every child matters and most importantly, results matter.

If you're child needs attention then don't wait. Contact us today at 718-367-6937 and we will set up an appointment for you.

Trained Professionals.

Our Specialties.

  1. Speech Language Therapy

  2. Feeding Therapy

  3. Physical Therapy

  4. Occupational Therapy

  5. ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis & Special Education)

  6. Myofunctional Therapy (breathing and speech focus)

  7. Community Classes

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